Batman's back, bigger and better than before!

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360
So the story goes, Warden Quincy Sharp from Arkham Asylum took full responsibility for taking down Joker. He used his new found reputation to quickly become voted Mayor of Gotham. He uses this power to swiftly initiate Arkham City, which intends to home both Arkham Asylum inmates and Black Gate inmates. He buys out a large portions of the slums and walls it off from the rest of the city. Inmates are not given cells however as they are allowed to walk freely inside the new prison, the only rule being that they are not allowed to leave. A rule that is punishable by death and heavily upheld by the security, Tyger.

Tyger, and all security staff, are under the rule of the new Chief Administrator, Professor Strange. Bruce Wayne is captured by Tyger during his press conference in which he openly protests the new Arkham City. Professor Strange, aware that Bruce Wayne is indeed Batman, captures him in the hope it will halt his efforts to stop him. After a few fights as Bruce Wayne, you retrieve your outfit and gadgets. Batman, now stranded in Arkham City has to stop Professor Strange initiating the mysterious 'Protocol 10'.

Free roam between missions
DLC (New skins, levels ect)
Side Missions
Upgradable Characters
'Free flow combat'
Other playable characters
Bonus Challenge maps
In game art & character background collectable through side quests
Game Plus mode, play from the begging with all your previously collected Bat-Gadgets & upgrades

Graphics – 8.5/10
The Graphics, lighting, sound effects and general presentation feel the same as Batman Arkham Asylum. Which is great, it feels like the same characters, same city just in a brand new, much larger and life threatening situation. It truly feels as if it was only a while ago that you beat up the Joker or Killer Croc and they all know it. Batman's suit throughout the story is given a few tears and rips which are a cute bonus that gives the plot a bit more depth.

Gameplay – 9.5/10
With the same feel as the previous game its very easy to pick up and play, even if you haven't played the previous one. The first few fights you experience are used as simple tutorials though after those fights it felt like I knew exactly what to do. You'll acquire more gadgets as you go along to aid you, some of which you will not acquire through the main plot. Some elements, upgrades and background story is only found through side quests or upgrading Batman through XP points.

You can gather these points through simply beating up thugs in large combos, or you can complete a series of side quests involving other super villains, some of whom you may even work with. The very popular Riddler is back in a even more in-depth side-plot in which he gives you a series of riddles and puzzles to solve that will help you save lives. If you're smart enough to outwit him you finally get the chance to meet him and give him his punishment first hand. Other villains such as Killer Croc, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Mr Freeze, Ra's al Ghul, his daughter Talia al Ghul, Clayface, Two-Face, Dead-shot, Mad Hatter and many many more make an appearance. Which begs the question did they not realise that putting all the bad eggs in one place may cause some trouble, good thing Steve McQueen Isn't trapped in there with them.

Story - 9/10
The much larger map allows for many more, and greater side-quests. The Villains and Hero's stay true the comic world, the characters backgrounds and reactions truly shows the writers and creators have researched and have a passion for the Batman world. Although you do not need to know about the comics or Batman/DC world it certainly is a nice tie in. It may spark a love for that comic world or you may feel nothing for the characters (which I hugely doubt). Either way you can fully enjoy the game if you're new or have never felt an interest in the comic world. With the current Batman buzz due to the new films it certainly is a fun and creative look at the Batman world and all its wonders.

The difficulty levels definitely give you either a nice challenge or let you just be the awesome kick ass Batman that we all know. Along with the game plus mode you can enter the story with all your previously attained gadgets and without the helpful counter warnings in fights.

Overall 9/10 - RECOMENDED
As I said, if you loved the first game, I promise you will love this one. With a much larger map, more side quests, characters, a deeper storyline with many twists and turns, and a fighting style you wont get bored of. I definitely recommend this game to all. Once you've completed the main storyline you can free roam the city to finish any side-quests or collectables left out there for bonus content. Once thats finished you have the many trophies to collect in the challenge levels available from the menu. Even then you can download more or play the game again on the Game Plus mode to enjoy it from a new angle. With a large re-playability and challenges available this game is a sure one for all gamers.

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