A interesting roleplaying game, thats a must have for a gamecube owner!

User Rating: 8.8 | Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean GC
This game is a sequel but still an older game to Baten Kaitos Origins. In this one you pick cards but they have actualy base damage and you have a set amount of damage you can do. Theres also elements in this one which counter other elements like if you use a water element and a fire elemental they will counter one another and do less damage. This game offers 6 characters to play with 5 of them with there own unique set of attacks and everyone has there own specials 7 of them to be exact. The story is quiet interesting, but the main character is an ass to say the least and is hard to like. As unlike Sagi most of the choices like kill the bad guy or save the girl well most people like to save the girl... well xelah is cute and nice come on save her MAN COME ON! LOL. No we want revenge damit! lol. So he is a bit hard to get along with at the beginning but becomes likly a bit near the end when he gets some common sense. In this game your a guardian spirit and your special you could call it is if you bond is strong you will do super powerful attacks from time to time at the end of your combo chain. This game has decent graphics and amazing music. This tale will take you well into 60 hours, however there really is no bonus material, except for making all the cards or changing your cards which can change into new stuff over time. I highly recommand this game to anyone with a gamecube.