Honestly, if neversoft is gonna keep making stripped down ports for PS2, then they should stop making PS2 games.

User Rating: 3.5 | Band Hero PS2
The Good:good setlist. has the likes of tyler swift.

The Bad:its the same formula of guitar hero on the PS2 you been playing for years.Ugly graphics and pre canned backgrounds. sound effects sound horrible and muffled. very stripped down.The same stuff from the poor PS2 copy of GH5.long load times

Honestly, neversoft should have just ported the Wii version , or just stop the PS2 franchise completly. You guessed it, another poor hero game on the PS2.

Infact most of the stuff you see is from the other poor PS2 hero game Guitar hero 5. The same stripped down stuff. Its makes it less apealing to play for just 20 minutes instead of 6 hours.

The gameplay is decent, but not as fun because you spend most of the time seeing load times. Yeah, its great fun seeing a family watch load times, and just staring. And yet when it starts you see some really bad graphics.

the setlist and the likes of real rockers are the only good parts in this game, but its not enough to keep you playing. Get the next gens or guitar hero world tour. This version is to avoid.