A game I played that had me going for hours! However, it isn't the most popular classic out there, read my review...

User Rating: 8.5 | Balloon Fight NES
Balloon Fight is a game that stands out in some ways, mostly for the originality the game shows. Who could've came up with a dude flying on ballons trying to pop evil chickens that also fly on balloons? Well, I played this game on Animal Crossing for the gamecube, so I may not have a full view as to what this game offers, so don't not reccommend it if I didn't inlcude stuff alright?
*Im going to do my review based on the scores given, this is the first time I tried this method.*
Gameplay-8/10: Balloon Fight is a fun game, as you go around using simple controls popping the balloons of opposing enemies, whil making sure you're balloons aren't popped, or you don't fall in the water. This game has numerous levels, and new ideas are put forth as you progress, so mentioning this, gameplay is above average. The game isn't the easiest game to master, however it isn't hard, it's just a bit below average gamer levels. Umm.... Items include flippers, which are meant to throw you off, making it an obstacle to watch out for. Also, at the bottom, flying towards the like, you may get eaten by like an alligator or whatever it is. For a classic, this game may have you hooked for some hours, as it even has multiplayer, which is similair to co-op, very fun! Gameplay gets an 8/10 from me.
Graphics-8/10: Well, graphics are a big issue in Snes or Nes games, as compared to now, you would rate it a 1. Umm.... The levels seemed nice and bright to me, things changed, the characters look alright... Although hard to rate, I gave graphics an 8/10 as well.
Sound-10/10: The music in this game is awesome! I really enjoy the tunes played as you fly around. Plus, noises are good by the enemies, and when you collect bubbles and stuff like that. Also, many things have sounds. For example, when you clear a stage, music is played, and even if you or an enemy is eaten by the fish thing, music is played. The best part is, the music is actually good! Sound earns itself a perfect 10/10 from me.
Value-8/10: Yeah, well I didn't pay for this game, so I can't really answer this one. I gave it an 8/10 because I guess for its time it was indeed worth it, although this game is not well known.
Reviewer's Tilt-9/10: This game was averaged out into a 9. With alright controls that actually take some sort of skill to master, players will be challenged. With no camera, I guess views are fine, graphics are alright, gameplay rocks, and I guess the game is worth it. So That gives this part a 9/10! Conclusion: Well this game is a great classic that had me spending my time playing it, and the best part is: it is the easiest NES game to get on Animal Crossing. Umm..... I have no clue as to what the price is now, but I'd say it's worth it. So yeah Balloon Fight scores it self a great score of 8.5/10..... Well there ya go, peace out!