User Rating: 9.5 | Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition PC
Firstly i would like to declare that the BG saga are my favorite games since now and -by the looks of the trend nowadays games follow- it will probably be forever...I was really anxious for this remake because i was looking forward to find an excuse and play bg 1 once again in modern pc..
Thank god ,the devs respected the legacy of the game and left its true spirit mostly untouched.The graphics and game interface are improved,while new chars are in par with the classical ones.One more positive thing is that you play bg 1 with class settings from bg 2,which enriches the first game a lot!
The only downfall from beamdog is the implantation of the "black pit" adventure.I found this adventure somehow out of bg's hardcore,old school, feeling.Its somehow fun though,but i think that beamdog lost an opportunity to create something really intriguing and inspired..Since its optional and the whole game left intact its not a big deal for me..
I wish nowadays devs reconsider their commercial strategies and turn back in creating REAL games once again.Well,since this wish will remain probably uncompleted,i will be gratefull for companies(like beamdog) that revives back our memories of games when the graphics were limited but the emotions were full.