Avatar the last airbender Review

User Rating: 4 | Avatar: The Last Airbender WII
Allright to begin with this Review I will say this game IS:
Allright now so you start out with the opening sequence from the show when you start the game I think this is kinda nice
Then you will most likely start a new game if this is your first time playing.
so anyway you get a nice cutsean then a loading screan giveing you some small tips ok. Then the game FINLY STARTS you out in the north pole
and on the way to your first mission you have to fight WOLVES??? WTF!!!!
I thought the water nation worshiped wolves???!!!!! so they shouldn't attack you. this makes no sence.
Ok now for the controlls
The way you use your specile moves is yhat you learn them by Lv Ups and the you assingh them to a motions of up,down,left or right ok so when I want to use one of them cant be to hard right..... WRONG!!!!!!!! it is VEARY HARD TO USE THE ONE YOU WANT!!!!! I push the B button and fling up fast or slow but Nooooo the charater uses a differnt move.
And now for the Graffics:
Let me say THE ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the shell shading dose work out veary well AT ALL!!!!!!. Appa looks WAY too small, Anng looks Realy Bad.
Ok so this is a RPG game where you get items with stat bosts are always differnt for every Item, You get HP and Chi is your MP, Beat an enemy get EXP or in this game XP, you get money from stuff sometimes. You can also trade some items to get mew items kinda like Sythsizeing from Final Fantasy games. but their are many many pointless things to do in the game wich I find boaring.
Now for the breakdown:
Gameplay: 6.2/10
Controlls: 2/5
Grapics: 1/10
Overall: 9.2/25