If this really is the Avatar, we're all going to die.

User Rating: 3.7 | Avatar: The Last Airbender WII
Avatar The Last Airbender sucks ass. The gameplay gets really boring really fast. Plus, you'd think by now they'd be able to put better graphics in a game than this. The sound is pretty jacked and unrealistic. The characters are really stupid too, because in the first boss fight against the fire spitting machine the cinematic shown after the battle has Sokka explaining that it's from the Fire Nation. Well DUH! Who else is gonna be able to make a giant kitchen utensil (which was a VERY lame joke in the game) that shoots %@*$#! fireballs at you?!? Look, I understand that this review is kind of disconcertingly short, but I've said all that can be said about this lousy crap-ass piece of garbage. That and I'm going to throw up if I have to talk about this game for much longer.