The makers of Avadon haven't forgotten how to make great RPG's! Avadon reminds me of classics like Ultima 6/7.

User Rating: 9 | Avadon: The Black Fortress PC
Sure Avadon can't provide flashy graphics like Skyrim but therefore it has something, something most other games nowadays can only dream of, a soul!

You can feel that the creator of this game, Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software, has put his heart into making it. It is difficult to describe where it comes from, but this game just has it. Maybe it is the good story telling or the fleshed out characters who all have their own souls.

The only risk you will take if you try out this game is that you might end spending as much hours playing it until you can no longer hold yourself in an upright position in front of your PC.

If you do not believe me just head over to the Spiderweb website and download the shareware version of this game for free and try it yourself: