2nd Game Review is "okay" cool game.

User Rating: 7.1 | ATV Offroad Fury PS2
This is been almost the coolest game you can play. Mostly you do for one single player is you do career mode and you do stuff in race, tricks, and more. And it's also difficult to turn and make good moves and race better, and it can take little more fustrating. In multiplayer, you really don't do nothing but goof off, but also It's race and trick points to see who's better, but who cares?

The graphic looks great, good shape in lands, mechanics, and uniforms. But maybe just too...big. The sound is great as well making trains go by and people "ugh" voice and my favorite is the girl scream. Also, the machine running is okay, but should be little more intense like you SO ready to go and race.

The value is not good, nothing to unlock, and there's nothing more to do. But above all it's a good average game, that if you're bored, rent this if you want to and then you'll have nice day. That's all the Review for today, sbfullmer out!