Alchemy... Hunting ... More Alchemy... Turn In! ... Yet another loop... URGH!!

User Rating: 7.5 | Rorona no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi PS3
Well , Atelier Rorona is slightly... say... more focused on younger female audiences I presume.

There's this strange softness about this game , with a very , VERY different atmosphere as compared to the other Atelier and Mana Khemia games.
For one thing , your bound to do Alchemy more in this game than beating the hell outta those monsters crawling in and out of those dungeons.

If I have to describe the atmosphere myself , I feel as though I'm reading a fairy tale with the typical "Cute 'lil girl meeting Prince Charming" situation floating in my mind.... and I still can't shake it off for some reason.

Well , moving on , as I have said before , this game is generally more about Alchemy than fighting. Especially since you have to meet deadlines otherwise your beloved shop would close down.
It's a serious hassle since you HAVE , by hook or by crook , make sure that you meet the deadline one way or the other.
It's even more stressful than Persona's day/night features if I have to say so myself.

Which means you must repeat the tiring process of training , searching for materials , training , searching for materials , trai... you get the idea.
It's seriously repetitive and tiring.

What's more , the game itself really lacks the battle system of which the previous series offers so it feels kinda painfully limited to fans of either the Mana Khemia or Atelier series.

Well , generally speaking , this game is mainly meant for those who prefers alchemy over fighting and I mean it , this game is more about meeting deadlines and making items than fighting monsters. If I must say so myself , this is possibly the most feminine Atelier game I have ever played.

In conclusion , if you don't mind working your arse off to meet the deadlines and having the lack of freedom to do whatever you want unless your really good at planning your time and schedules , don't think about buying this.... You'd just cry... Maybe.