Old-school fun for old-schoolers only!

User Rating: 6.5 | Astonishia Story PSP
This game is not entirely bad. In fact, it's a classic formulaic old-school RPG. No one should be criticizing it for being broken. It's complete as-is. The problem is that the game was made in 1994. It was just ported to the PSP. Being this old, what seems wrong about it now is that it becomes repetitive and boring once you reach the middle of the game length. The world field gets bigger, the monsters become more numerous, and so the battles occur more often than you wish they should. The monsters also become stronger, and your party bigger. This makes battles in the long run fairly lengthy for random encounters.

The story, graphics, and music are all good in an old-school way. There's nothing special about them, and there's nothing wrong as well. In fact, old-schoolers might find some nostalgia in all that pixel graphics and straight-forward story.

So what I want to say is that the game's only fault is being a 1994 game presented in the 2000's. If you're old-school enough (i.e. patient enough), you may enjoy the game. For me, I had to stop after around 7 hours, which I enjoyed to some extent.