A very odd, yet somewhat straightforward rpg for the psp.

User Rating: 6.5 | Astonishia Story PSP
In all honesty, I have no clue on what to think of this game. At times it is so random you want to throw the game against the wall. And at other times, it's so horrible you can't just stop loving it. There is some occasional humor(the infamous "Passman" that Lloyd meets in the beginning of the game) yet it's very shallow.

Basically, you play as a character named Lloyd, a knight who is on a quest to recover the Wand of Kinan. Along the way, you meet characters who support you such as wizards and the typical rpg-classes. Too bad a lot of the *good* characters seem to die or disappear.

The battling system is kind of like what is seen in Fire Emblem. Your character will move within a green colored, grid-looking area. You can actually move them freely among the space they're allowed to stay in. The map you move your little character around on is very linear. It's not like Final Fantasy where you can see the land all around you. In Astonishia Story, it's more like moving around from area to area, from "scene to scene."

Annoyingly, you can see enemies out randomly walking on the world map. If you get close enough to them, it looks like the enemies begin to follow you and try to corner you. So it can get pretty annoying but then it's not Final Fantasy where enemies randomly just show up; you can see them clearly moving on the world map. Sometimes so many enemies corner you where you have to fight all of them. Which is not a good thing if you have team members who are about to die.

The graphics are actually quite nice. Even though this game was originally a PC game the graphics are very clear and unique. You can get down to the smallest detail, whether it's seeing random birds fly by or see the solid architecture of a building. Granted, they're not perfect, but they're definitely *not* the worst graphics I have ever seen.

Overall, this game had a lot of potential. It had its moments, some good while others just make you cringe(in a bad way). If you're really looking for a psp rpg like I was(one that you haven't already played) then I would give this game a try. It's definitely not for everybody, especially if you're the hardcore rpg nut or video game freak. If you're looking to play an old school game, then by all means, give this game a try. :)