Want my money back.

User Rating: 6 | Assassin's Creed III PC
The graphics are very good, although there is quite a bit of fog in many places.

The story started out very boring to me, and picked up a bit, but never really drew me in.

The controls are clunky, and it feels you are guiding the character, instead of controlling him.

The naval sections seems like it could be so cool, but falls short by using a type of Final Fantasy- get to this point and wham, cut scene, and you are surrounded by enemies.

It feels like your hands are tied in missions, and cannot do things any way you want.

I can see so much potential here, but the implementation is very lacking in my opinion.

I by no means finished it but am no longer interested in playing it further, and that rarely happens for me.

Maybe I am in a bad mood, and maybe I will pick it up later and finish it, but as of now, I seriously think it is just boring, and frustrating, because if you do not do things the way they want you to, well, lets just say I had to play sections over and over because of mission rules I didn't like, but was forced to follow, or when you are trying to follow someone running away but your controls are so terrible, or you get caught on a rock you do not automatically step over, or something stupid like that.

It feels like they tried to fuse Batman AC with Red Dead Redemption, but fail at both.

I thought it was going to be good. I wanted to like it. But at this point I cannot, but just wish I could have my money back.