Unfathomable Fun

User Rating: 10 | Assassin's Creed II X360

This was one of the games that had me consistently on the brink of excitement. It just made exploring around and just seeing how history was portrayed right in front of your eyes look strikingly interesting. Assassin's Creed 2 was the game that initiated my enthusiasm towards third-person games.

To compare it to it's predecessor would be irrational. The by-products, however, were a great way for people who enjoyed the game to continue relishing on Ubisoft's creation with the technological development throughout it's time. Although, In my opinion, they all were the offshoot of this game and nothing much has changed except the scenery.

It is truly an inspiring all-around experience that I recommend anyone with the urge of going a bit back in time hypothetically (and literally in the game) for some old school gaming, then this should be on your list.