Nothing but pure awesomeness!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Arx Fatalis PC
Look this is an awesome game nuff said!

Ok so maybe I should try to explain its awesomeness? Alright fine.

first off the character creation is simple just pick how you look just your face though and then you have a number of points to spend on skills! How easy is that?

The number of items there are in the game are damn near endless! You will have to pick whether to take thing or this thing which is better which do you like! So expect to be sorting items in your inventory often and picking up a lot of items.

The enemies are actually pretty smart not bad looking either they talk to one another and use some just some tactics to take you down but they are tough to kill at times.

Living underground is not so bad the game is large there is a lot to discover! Somethings you may not want to find though...

Buying and selling is made simple just drag what you want to buy (if you have enough money and the space) into your inventory same with selling

You are able to mess up things such as killing important characters which you really don't want to do and you might just have to restart.

Please give this game a look or heck buy it! It is a truly unique game on many levels!