Zoids Assault Xbox 360 on Aug. 26

Atlus landing long-running mech-combat toy franchise on North American shores later this year.


Zoids Assault

Save for Operation Darkness and Spectral Force 3, Atlus hasn't made much use of the licensing agreement it signed with Microsoft in November. Instead, the publisher has announced a string of titles dealing in its signature genres of strategy, role-playing, fighting, or any combination thereof, for Nintendo's and Sony's platforms, including Baroque, Drone Tactics, Arcana Heart, and Izuna 2.

The beasts of war.
The beasts of war.

Today, however, the publisher announced it would be bringing at least one more title to the Xbox 360 before year's end: Zoids Assault. An offshoot of Tomy's popular Japanese figurine and anime franchise, Zoids Assault offers an interactive take on far-future, mechanized combat. In the game, two small nations--Maroll and Jamil--find themselves in the grip of a cold war threatening to turn hot in the aftermath of a larger global conflict.

The game offers both strategy and role-playing elements, and Atlus promises an extensive range of upgrade and customization options. Players will have access to a Zoid army of their very own, replete with biomechanical beasts of war, and must use advanced tactical thinking to outwit larger armies.

Zoids Assault is slated to deploy exclusively on the Xbox 360 on August 26. The game's official Web site has more information on the title.

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