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YouTuber Spends Three Years Finishing GTA V With The Lowest Possible Kill Count

This is as "pacifist" as the notoriously violent Grand Theft Auto game gets.


YouTuber DarkViperAU has finally completed his "Pacifist%" run of Grand Theft Auto V, a process he says took much longer than he expected. Having started the attempt in May 2019, DarkViper finally uploaded his final video this week, completing the game with a total of 96 kills, as picked up by GamesRadar.

Though it's often not possible to progress in GTA5 without killing an enemy or NPC, DarkViper's so-called pacifist run was played with a set of rules that aim to lower the player character's total body count. Those rules as listed on his YouTube are:

  • No personally ending anyone unless I must.
  • If I have to do so, I must do so with melee.
  • If I can't melee, I use my weakest weapon.
  • No armour unless I can't progress.
  • Mission must be completed without mods.

His final tally came to 96 kills, with all but 30 of those completed with melee attacks. Many other enemies died during the course of this run, but most of them were handled by letting other NPCs do the shooting, or using other methods to indirectly cause enemies to die.

DarkViper also shared some other stats on his pacifist run, including the impact the 27-video series had on his channel as a whole. He says over 1000 hours of footage went into making the series, which earned him over 30 million views and 90,000 new subscribers.

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