You Can Play Pokemon Red Inside A Twitter Avatar

Twitch Plays a lot of things, but now a Twitter avatar is playing Pokemon. It's a brave new world.


We've seen Twitch "play" a lot of games, most famously Pokemon, as the audience controlled a rudimentary voting system to determine what the on-screen game would do. Now a variation of that has appeared with the same basic gist playing out inside a user's Twitter avatar.

Twitter user Constantin Lietard set up a script that makes a move in Pokemon Red every 15 minutes, based on replies to a pinned tweet. Then the current status of the game is taken as a screenshot and uploaded as the new Twitter avatar. As of the time of writing, Ash appears to be exploring some tall grass.

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The game has only been going on for a few days, and with a move being made every 15 minutes, progress is slow. The crowd chose Squirtle as its starter, and it just battled a Zubat. It may be a long wait before the crowd makes it to the Elite Four.

In other, non-crowdsourced Pokemon games, Pokemon Go has begun its January community events including an Unova Celebration. Meanwhile, Pokemon Masters has extra bonuses and events available in its New Year's event.

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