Yet Another GameStop Stock Movie In The Works, This One From The Director Of Console Wars

No release date has yet been announced.


There are now a grand total of four movies in development about the recent GameStop/Reddit stock price drama and controversy. According to Deadline, Console Wars director Jonah Tulis has started production on a feature documentary about the recent frenzied uprising that saw social media day traders beat Wall Street at its own game. Tulis will be collaborating with fellow Console Wars producer Julian Rosenberg and Console Wars author Blake Harris.

"This is a true David and Goliath story and our goal is to tell it through the eyes of the incredible men and women who risked it all," Tulis told Deadline. "[They] made millions in the process and changed the landscape of the stock market forever."

This new, untitled, and fourth film is the latest entry in a quickly growing category of productions. Things are moving quickly for projects inspired by events that started taking place a few weeks ago in January and are still playing out. Part of what's notable about this new project and the previously, recently announced three is the real story doesn't yet have an ending. Charles Randolph, co-author of The Big Short told the Los Angeles Times that he's gotten several calls asking if he'd be interested in also writing one.

"There's already a lot of activity around this," Randolph told the LA Times. "I'm going to guess there's probably six serious, active projects."

For those who aren't yet aware of the story or are simply sick of explaining it to their uncles, in January, the online investor forum community WallStreetBets sparked a recent Wall Street stock frenzy when its members manipulated the stock market against hedge fund managers assumptions about GameStop stock trajectory. The retailer, like many businesses, has been struggling due to COVID-19, plus the overall shift to digital distribution of video games and other entertainment products. For more, check out GameSpot's primer on just what the hell is going on.

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