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Yes, Fortnite Feels Different With Chapter 5, And Epic Is Listening To Feedback

The developer acknowledges it "took us a few days to get used to" the movement changes.


Fortnite never stays the same, especially when a new season is introduced. But Chapter 5 has significantly changed how movement works for characters on the island, making the super popular game feel dramatically different than it has for the past five years. Fortunately, Epic has heard your criticisms about this monumental alteration.

The official Fortnite account acknowledged the movement discourse on X (formerly Twitter). "[To be honest], it took us a few days to get used to [the new movement] during our playtests, too," the social media post says. "We want to introduce visual improvements [and] encourage more strategic decision-making in each moment." Epic then specifically points out how movement has changed with Chapter 5, noting new animations, slower running speeds, and going faster sideways as well as backward.

Right now, Epic wants to give these movement changes time to settle in with players, with the hope "it starts to feel natural over time." That said, the team is "listening to your feedback" in the days and weeks ahead. Keep in mind, this isn't the first time a gameplay change has been divisive for Fortnite. Years ago, the redeploy mechanic split the playerbase, with Epic eventually reversing course.

On top of movement changes, GameSpot has highlighted everything new in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. Other big additions to the battle royale game include a totally new island, ballistic shield, and weapon mods. Of course, there's a fresh battle pass as well with new skins and emotes.

Looking ahead, Fortnite will get a LEGO game, arcade racer, and Rock Band successor all within this week. It also looks like a TMNT crossover will be happening soon.

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