Yakuza: Like A Dragon's Battle Menu Spells Out SEGA Thanks To Twitter Joke

A throwaway observation from a Twitter user inspired localizers to change the battle menu of Yakuza: Like A Dragon to spell the publisher of the game.


Video games are made by teams of dozens, if not hundreds of people, and that means that every aspect of a given game has likely passed through many hands before it gets revealed to the public. Still, sometimes it takes an outsider to see the obvious. This was the case with the battle menu for the upcoming Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and the results are quite amusing.

Back in June, John Ricciardi--the co-founder of notable localization company 8-4--joked in a tweet that translators should change the battle menu of the eighth Yakuza game to spell SEGA. Well, as a recent behind-the-scenes video revealed, it appears that the localization team took Ricciardi's advice.

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As you can see from the two above tweets, the "More" option has changed to "Etc.," which means it now spells the name of the game's publisher. It's a nice touch, and one that fits in well with the goofy, self-referential tone of the franchise.

As long-time Kiryu-heads know, Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a soft reboot of the series, and the first to feature turn-based combat. The game originally came out in Japan back in January, and the English version is schedule for a November release. It will serve as a launch title for the Xbox Series X, with a PS5 release coming sometime later.

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