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Xenoblade Chronicles arriving in US on April 6

Nintendo reveals Wii Japanese role-playing game dropping in North America in under two months with fan-chosen cover art.


Gamers eager to get their hands on Japanese role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles now have a specific date to circle on their calendars: April 6.

Xenoblade's fan-chosen box art.
Xenoblade's fan-chosen box art.

Previously, the Wii-exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles was expected to arrive in North America sometime in April. In addition to announcing the game's release date, Nintendo revealed the title's cover art (at right), which was put up to a fan vote.

Xenoblade Chronicles is set in a fantasy universe where the robotic army of the Mechonis seeks to conquer the flesh-and-blood Bionis. With the help of two companions, players will traverse the world attempting to discover the truth behind a magic sword called the Monado.

Fans of Japanese role-playing games have enjoyed good news today, as not only was Xenoblade Chronicles dated for North America, but Nintendo also announced that The Last Story will arrive this summer on the Wii. Western releases of both titles were long in question.

Xenoblade Chronicles has already been released in Japan, Europe, and Australia. For more on the role-playing game, check out GameSpot's review.

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