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Xbox Series X Restock Updates: Check Stock GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, And More

The Xbox Series X|S continues to be extremely hard to find in 2021, but we're tracking restocks in real-time here.

While the Xbox Series X|S remains challenging to find more than two after launch, we saw the most substantial restock since Black Friday this week. Most major retailers had the Xbox Series X in stock this week, including Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target. Though retailers sold through their allotted stock quickly as expected, it seems possible that we'll continue to see more regular restocks in the coming weeks and months.

For those looking to buy the new Xbox Series X or the digital-only Xbox Series S, the Xbox restock situation isn't much clearer in 2021. Microsoft is working to get more Xbox Series X|S stock on virtual store shelves, but it's unclear when the next-gen Xbox will be significantly easier to buy. While the the next-gen Xbox systems do tend to be a little easier to snag compared to the PS5 during these restocks, you can still expect them to sell out quickly.

If Microsoft or other retailers announce restock times for the Xbox Series X or S in the coming weeks, we'll include those details here. It could be a few weeks before you actually get the system once you order it, so keep that in mind when planning your downtime. We've seen some stores offer pricey bundles that are available more frequently, as well. Others are even offering occasional discounts on bundles with extra controllers, but these are relatively rare. As of now, you still can't really find the console in retail stores without a pickup order.

While you can more easily buy the Xbox Series X above MSRP on reseller sites like eBay and StockX, we do recommend waiting to buy the new Xbox for its list price of $500. And unless you're truly desperate, avoid pricey bundles that come with accessories and games you don't really need.

Where to buy the Xbox Series X|S

The Xbox Series X ($500) and Xbox Series S ($300) released on November 10.
The Xbox Series X ($500) and Xbox Series S ($300) released on November 10.

Xbox Series X availability at GameStop

GameStop restocked the Xbox Series X on January 21, but it was only available to purchase as a bundle.

Xbox Series X availability at Best Buy

We don't know when you'll be able to buy an Xbox Series X from Best Buy again.

Best Buy didn't have any Xbox Series X or Series S units in stores in 2020, but the retailer has stated that stock will be on store shelves this year. We don't know an exact date for when in-store stock will be available, though. We've seen next-gen consoles pop up on Best Buy's website without much warning. The Xbox Series S was available last on December 28. It tends to last longer than the Series X whenever it's restocked.

Xbox Series X availability at Walmart

Walmart last had the Xbox Series X on January 21. Walmart designated a set time, like usual, but this time around the retailer staggered sales across a wider window, which seemed to make the website run smoother. The Xbox Series S saw a restock in the new year already, so it could be easier to find.

It's worth noting that Walmart's direct listing for the Xbox Series X is currently giving an error page, but the Series S listing is still live. The website even indicates in-store availability for our local store (though only one console is left), so it's worth checking if you can schedule an in-store pickup.

Xbox Series X availability at Amazon

We don't know when you'll be able to buy an Xbox Series X from Amazon again.

Amazon has had very little Xbox Series X|S inventory since the consoles first launched on November 10, and there's no word on a restock in the near future. Amazon's listings even say, "We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

Xbox Series X availability at Target

We don't know when you'll be able to buy an Xbox Series X from Target again. Target last had the Series X and Series S in stock on January 20 for in-store pickup only.

Xbox Series X availability at other retailers

Online store Antonline tends to have Xbox bundles in stock fairly regularly, particularly the Xbox Series S.

We've seen sporadic restocks on the Microsoft Store, but they're never announced ahead of time. The latest Xbox restock from Microsoft's own store was in late December.

If you miss out on restocks at the major retailers, reseller sites like StockX have plenty of units available, though be prepared to pay more than list price. Right now, buyers are asking around $420 for the Series S and $700 for the Series X. If you do buy from a reseller, make sure the Xbox console you're getting has the right type of plug for your region.

Xbox Series X|S accessories

A wide range of Xbox Series X headsets, controllers, and other accessories are available.
A wide range of Xbox Series X headsets, controllers, and other accessories are available.

The great thing about Xbox Series X accessories is that the vast majority of products that were compatible with Xbox One work with the Series X and S as well, including headsets and controllers.

New Xbox Wireless Controllers released alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S, and they're available in Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue. They feature a more ergonomic design; textured grips on the bumpers, triggers, and back case; and an Elite controller-inspired hybrid D-pad for improved precision. The updated controllers also have a new integrated Share button for capturing and recording gameplay moments.

Xbox Series X|S games and Game Pass subscription

Microsoft is pushing its Xbox Game Pass subscription for next-gen, which grants access to a massive, rotating library of games for a monthly fee, including the ability to play first-party games like Halo Infinite on day one. New subscribers can sign up for their first month of Game Pass Ultimate for $1--do this before you take advantage of any Game Pass deals online. You'll also get an extra month of Game Pass Ultimate for free if you turn on recurring billing (it has to be turned off before you redeem a code in order to get the prompt).

Check out our list of all the Xbox Series X launch games available at launch as well as new Xbox games coming soon.

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