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Xbox Series X Does Have Disc Drive, Microsoft Confirms At E3

Disc drives are going nowhere.


The new Xbox console, Scarlett (officially known now as the Xbox Series X), was the biggest news to emerge from Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference. However, despite revealing many of Scarlett's specs, the company did not confirm whether the device would include a physical disc drive.

Fortunately, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has since reassured fans that Scarlett will indeed include a disc drive. He told that physical games are a part of the company's future and went on to say: "We know that people still have discs. So even when we put out things like the Xbox One S All-Digital edition, we are very clear with the name because I am not trying to confuse anybody, that if you are somebody that has a library of discs, or that's the way you want to acquire the content, then you should buy the Xbox One S, not the Xbox One S All-Digital... which is why we put it in the name, and yes I know it says SAD.

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"I want to be very descriptive, because I am not trying to confuse anybody about what the options are. I want to give people choice, and right now physical is a choice that millions of people love."

In recent months Microsoft has increasingly pushed digital games with initiatives such as Xbox Game Pass, which recently came to PC and is currently available for $1 / £1 with Xbox Live Gold included, and the Xbox One S All-Digital console, which does not come with a disc drive. The company is also rumored to be developing a second Scarlett console, reportedly codenamed Lockhart, that foregoes a disc drive, though this is as yet unconfirmed. In addition, Microsoft's game streaming service, Project xCloud, launches this year.

The Xbox Scarlett console, or whatever it ends up being called, will launch in Holiday 2020. Pricing was not announced. But what we do know is that Halo Infinite will also release in Holiday 2020, presumably as a launch title for the new console. Confusing matters somewhat is the fact that Scarlett may refer to multiple systems.

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