Xbox Premiere: Genki shows Maximum Chase

The maker's of the Tokyo Xtreme Racing shows a new action-driving game for the Xbox.


TOKYO - Genki, best known for its racing game Tokyo Xtreme Racing, unveiled a new action-driving game for the Microsoft Xbox at the Microsoft Premiere event in Japan. In the game, titled Maximum Chase, players assume the role of a Los Angeles police inspector named Rick. One day, a mysterious beautiful girl suddenly enters his car asking for his help. The game makes use of both car chases and shooter elements as players protect the girl from the armed gangsters who are after her. It also features more than 20 cars, from classics to new models, with licenses from manufacturers such as GM, Toyota, and Nissan. The player's car will absorb damage after hitting other vehicles on the road, and the collisions in the game are pretty massive.

Maximum Chase will be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. GameSpot will have more from that event.

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