Xbox One's Three New Controller Designs Look Pretty Sweet

Lookin' good.


Microsoft has announced three new Xbox One controller designs. Announced on the Xbox Wire, the new colours include Green/Grey, Patrol Tech, and Volcano Shadow.

All of these controllers work with the Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox One X console. You can use them on PC as well, though you'll need to connect it via USB cable or a wireless adapter, the newest version of which is 66 percent smaller than the earlier model.

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The adapter is available by itself or bundled with a black Xbox One controller. Additionally, a new navy blue Patrol Tech controller that includes a USB cable is coming.

Here's a rundown of the new Xbox One controllers and adapter:

  • Green/Grey -- $65, launching August 3
  • Volcano Shadow -- $70, launching August 3
  • Patrol Tech -- $70, launching on September 5
  • Patrol Tech with USB cable for Windows 10 -- $70, launching October 17
  • New Xbox Adapter for Windows 10 -- $25, launching in August; bundled with a controller for $80

Go to the Xbox Wire to learn more about the new Xbox One controller designs.

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