Xbox One to Add Background App, Dev Kit Support- Report

Microsoft will also reportedly make good this year on plans to allow any Xbox One to be used as a dev kit.

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Xbox One updates that Microsoft has in the works will allow for apps to run in the background and the system to be used as a dev kit, according to a new report.

After announcing last month that universal Windows 10 apps are coming to Xbox One, The Verge reports Microsoft will offer further details on its plans for Xbox One apps in April at the Build Developer conference. Support for running apps in the background will be added--opening the possibility for listening to music from an app while playing a game. Additionally, the limited group of developers allowed to create apps for the system will be expanded to include everyone.

Apps already available will continue to work, but beginning in November, Microsoft will switch to offering universal apps on the system. The approval process for apps is being modified to make it more like that of the Windows Store, meaning new apps could be released more rapidly.

A new SDK is also reportedly on the way that will allow retail Xbox One systems to be used as dev kits, effectively enabling any system to be used for creating games. This is functionality that was promised way back in the summer of 2013, before the Xbox One launched. A report circulated last year that Microsoft had scrapped plans to offer this. The company denied this was the case, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer reiterated in August that it remains a part of Microsoft's "roadmap."

GameSpot has contacted Microsoft for comment regarding its plans for dev kit support and universal apps and will report back with anything we learn.

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