Xbox One's D4 Hits 1.3M Downloads, 1080p/60fps PC Version Confirmed

Dark Dreams Don't Die...again.


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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, the murder-mystery game from Deadly Premonition developer Access Games and SWERY, has now seen more than 1.3 million downloads on Xbox One. Access Games announced the news on Friday, also confirming that a 1080p/60fps version of the game is in development for PC.

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Originally released for Xbox One in September 2014, D4 was offered as a free download in January 2015 through Microsoft's Games With Gold promotion. This likely led to an increase in downloads for the game.

The PC version of D4 will feature a range of changes from the Xbox One edition. First, Kinect controls have been removed entirely; what's more, the PC version can be played entirely with a mouse only. It also includes all DLC, bug fixes, PC-only graphics options, and more.

For a full rundown of the new features for D4 on PC, check out the notes below, written by Access.

Earlier this week, SWERY--real name Hidetaka Suehiro--revealed D4 was coming to PC with a "Thanks, Obama" tweet. Although D4 is expanding onto a new platform with PC, the game is never coming to PlayStation 4, presumably due to an agreement with Microsoft, which published the Xbox One version.

At the bottom of this post you'll find D4's PC system requirements. A release date for the PC version of D4 was not announced, but Access says it will share more details at the Tokyo Indie Fest next week.

Changes from the Xbox One version

Basic controls using Kinect have been entirely removed, and revisions were made so that the game can be played using all controls with just the mouse.

  • Selection with the hand cursor
  • GRAB controls
  • PUSH controls
  • Changing direction
  • Changing stance
  • Confirm/Cancel
  • Interact

New mouse commands have replaced parts of the game that used Kinect gesture inputs.

  • New commands for common actions like drinking tequila or opening fortune cookies
  • New commands for special actions like beginning a dive or activating visions
  • New commands for gesture input that were used in cutscenes

New mouse commands have replaced parts that used synchronized Kinect inputs.

  • Sequences such as wiping a window or switchboard puzzles have been customized for mouse inputs.
  • Changing posture etc. has been replaced with mouse controls.

Commands for Synchro Stunts (QTE) using Kinect have been entirely removed, and all inputs have been re-implemented to function well with mouse inputs.

  • Actions performed by waving both arms widely or making repeated swipes have been replaced with new swipe inputs or commands.
  • New commands for gestures like swinging a bat
  • New commands for voice activated inputs

All downloadable content for the XboxOne version has been integrated into the game.

  • Revised so that collaboration costumes can now be acquired in game.
  • Revised so that downloadable facial hair can now be acquired in game.
  • Made adjustments to the parameters of each type of costume
  • Added a new “Today’s Free Costume Corner“ feature to Amanda's shop

Renewed the user interface that accompanies the revised parts listed above.

  • The revised parts have all been renewed to a format suitable for mouse input.

Removed the mic input that accompanies the revised parts listed above.

  • Voice activated inputs during Synchro Stunts (QTE)
  • Choice inputs in conversations
  • Choice inputs in demos
  • Short-cut input in shops or closets
  • Short-cut input at the menu screen

Readjusted Synchro Stunt (QTE) evaluation mechanics.

Readjusted the parameters and placement of items.

Added settings for the PC version.

  • Screen resolution settings
  • Windowed / full-screen mode setting
  • V-sync ON / OFF setting
  • Dynamic shadowing ON / OFF setting
  • Subtitle language settings (EFIGSPJ)


  • Possible under recommended system specs

Faster loading times

Known bug fixes

Removed content specifically for the Xbox One version

  • Removed MELD compatibility
  • Removed leader board compatibility

Created contents specifically for the Steam version

  • Steam achievements
  • Trading cards
  • Badges
  • Emoticons
  • Profile backgrounds
  • Cloud saving

PC System Requirements:

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