Xbox One indie policy a "great move," says Bungie founder

Alex Seropian believes Microsoft's newly stated stance a win for the industry, developers, and gamers alike.


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Microsoft's newly stated Xbox One independent developer policy is a "great move," according to Bungie founder Alex Seropian. In a statement sent to GameSpot, Seropian--who now heads up mobile studio Industrial Toys--said everyone in the industry benefits from the policy.

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"I think this is a great move by Microsoft. It's good for the industry, great for developers and most importantly will be a win for gamers," Seropian said. "It means more games, different kinds of games, and a direct relationship between gamer and developer. Everyone wins!"

Seropian added that Industrial Toys is "certainly excited" about new digital platforms, but at present, the company's focus remains on mobile devices.

Microsoft's new policy for independent developers allows every person to be a creator and every Xbox One to be used for development. The stance is a reversal of policy, as it was announced in May that independent creators could not self-publish on the next-generation platform.

A number of questions regarding the policy remain, including details around revenue sharing, game promotion, how certification will work, and if creators will need to pay a fee or subscription to build games for the Xbox One. Microsoft will share more details on the program at Gamescom next month.

Industrial Toys' debut game, Morning Star, aims to change expectations for what kind of experience core gamers can get on a mobile device. The game was built from the ground up for touch-based controls and is billed as a "complete reimagining of the shooter."

GameSpot recently polled a number of independent developers on Microsoft's new Xbox One policies. Check back later today for more.

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