Xbox One controller is both wired and wireless

Microsoft details some new features of the Xbox One controller.


The Xbox One's new controller will be able to function in both wired and wireless modes, Microsoft has confirmed.

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Connecting the new controller to a micro USB cable will switch off the controller's wireless functions and allow data to be sent through the cord, a blog post on has revealed.

The new Xbox One controller will also be able to operate in a low-power state, with the ability to go dormant when not in use and resume functioning without requiring a resync with the console.

Audio quality using a headset on the Xbox One will also be improved over the Xbox 360 controller, thanks to an increased data transfer rate.

The Xbox One controller can also be spotted by the Kinect with the use of invisible infrared sensors and LEDs, allowing the console to recognise who is holding the controller. Microsoft uses the example of screen positions changing in a split-screen game when players swap places on the sofa.

Microsoft adds that the current Xbox One controller has evolved over the course of 200 prototypes.

For more information on the Xbox One controller, such as the improved D-pad, check out GameSpot's hands-on impressions of the device.

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