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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Could One Day Work With Original Xbox Games

"I ask the backwards compatibility team this question a lot."


Maybe don't throw away your original Xbox discs just yet. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said today that the Xbox One's existing backwards compatibility functionality could one day be extended to original Xbox titles.

Spencer made the tease in an exchange on Twitter. Here's how the conversation transpired:

Question: "Very silly question, but if Xbox One essentially has Xbox 360 emulator, how much work would go into making original Xbox titles backwards compatibility?"

Spencer: "I don't think it's silly. I ask the backwards compatibility team this question a lot. Need to finish 360 backwards compatibility for now."

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Spencer's comments shouldn't be taken as confirmation that the Xbox One will add original Xbox backwards compatibility support soon, or ever. Clearly, nothing is set in stone at this time.

Backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games is currently available on Xbox One for Preview Program members only. It will roll out to everyone in November, at which time there will be more than one hundred available games. In addition, all future Xbox 360 Games With Gold titles (starting in November) will be backwards-compatible.

Microsoft has not yet announced the full lineup of supported titles, but you can check out this list to see all of the confirmed games so far. The list may grow later this week, as Microsoft says it will announce the next wave of backwards-compatible games in the next couple of days.

If the Xbox One were to add backwards compatibility support for original Xbox games, which titles would you like to see made playable? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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