Xbox 360 controller sold on eBay

PC-compatible controller sells for $90 before it's available to the public; seller picked one up at conference.


What's the price of bragging rights? $91, apparently.

An Xbox 360 controller has allegedly been sold on Internet auction site eBay, almost two months before the public can get its hands on one. A seller based out of Plano, Texas sold the wired controller for just under $100 in a weeklong auction that ended Saturday.

The controller will retail for $39.99 when the Xbox 360 launches November 22. Though it is PC-compatible, it's unclear whether the appropriate PC drivers were included in the sale. If not, the controller is basically an icebreaker, a paperweight, or something to show off to friends.

The seller, who goes by the handle of tuzik7, writes on the auction page that he/she got the controller at a "game developers' conference hosted by Microsoft."

This isn't the first case of Xbox 360 accessories being sold before they can even be put to use. At its press conference at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft gave out limited-edition E3 2005 faceplates for its next-gen console. A day later, the pieces of plastic began showing up on eBay and sold for a couple hundred dollars apiece.

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