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XBL goes Tron-tastic

Two helpings of the classic arcade games inspired by the film to be released "this summer."


The Master Control Program will be infiltrating Xbox 360s through Xbox Live this 'summer,' as two of Disney Interactive's titles make their way on to the network. The games will be released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Tron film.

The first game, Tron, was originally let loose in arcades in 1982, and has players completing four increasingly difficult challenges to advance through the game.

Discs of Tron, which followed in 1983, takes place in a futuristic 3D arena, where players fight one-on-one battles against Sark, the defender of the evil Master Control Program.

The two games will be released in their original versions, along with alternate, enhanced, versions that feature new graphics and audio. The titles have both been rated by the ESRB as E for Everyone.

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