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WWE's Braun Strowman Loves To Flip Stuff And Be A Goof On TV

"It allows my fans to engage with me even more."

WWE's Braun Strowman is a complex character, believe it or not. Sure, on his surface, he's a monster who flips things over and destroys everything in his path. But there's another side to Strowman, a man who is constantly involved in comedic segments and hilarious storylines--and he doesn't get enough credit for it.

This more comedic version of Strowman surfaced in April 2017, when the Monster Among Men flipped over an ambulance on Raw. It was a shocking segment meant to show off the power of the character, but in reality, it was goofy in an entertaining way, and fans wanted more of that. In the two years since that over-the-top moment, Strowman has flipped other vehicles, been crushed inside both an ambulance he didn't flip and a garbage truck, come to the ring as his smarter twin brother "Brains Strowman," won the Raw Tag Team Championship with a 10-year-old boy at Wrestlemania, and played a stand-up bass like a guitar, breaking all the strings during a performance. Strowman's career, so far, is littered with exceptionally entertaining and memorable moments.

But how does Strowman feel about this? There's always the question lingering in the back of fans' minds as to whether or not these WWE superstars take themselves too seriously to be involved with comedy bits. In the case of Strowman, is that a reflection of who he truly is, outside of WWE? "Oh absolutely," Strowman told GameSpot while promoting WWE 2K20's Bump in the Night DLC. "When you guys see the ha-ha stuff that Braun does, that's my real life persona coming out. I'm a giant kid-man. I live life like there's no tomorrow, and I look forward to everyday with the opportunities to travel around the world. And it's really cool when I get to mix in a little bit of that comedic relief and show the world the range and personality that I actually have as a human being, and that I'm not just this monster that rips people in half and eats their souls or whatever people think.

"It's fun to throw the comedic stuff in there because it helps with people being able to connect with my character. Because before, when I was just this cold, calculated killer, it was hard to relate to me, being the size that I am. Let's face it. I'm larger than nature intended, and there's not a lot of people walking around on this earth that know what it's like to walk a mile in my shoes. So I think with the adding the little bit of comedy in there shows a little more of a human side, and it allows my fans to engage with me even more and know that I have traits that everyone else does. That I'm yeah, not just this giant that does whatever he wants to do, that I have personality."

Strowman's finishing move during his WWE battles is the Running Powerslam; however, if you ask most fans, he's just as well known for flipping over things. From tables to cars to even a semi, Strowman has been seen on WWE television performing superhuman feats of strength. And this begs the question, what could Strowman flip over next? "I've pitched a couple of times in battle royales where I come out of nowhere and lift up the ring and dump everybody out of the ring before, so that I think would be a fun one," explained Strowman. "I don't think there's much left to flip unless I ripped a whole roof off the stadium or something like that. I think I've destroyed about everything they've put in front of me. And Lord knows I'm glad I don't have to pay for all the stuff that I break."

One of his most talked about moments came from Wrestlemania 34, where he picked a kid from the audience to be his partner for the Raw Tag Team Championship match. Strowman and his partner, Nicholas, ended up being victorious. But will the two ever reunite to battle for the titles they were forced to vacate? "Right now, Nicholas is doing Nicholas. He's been taking karate classes, staying in school, and doing his schoolwork, which I told him is the most important. He's got his whole adult career to come back and wrestle if he wants to wrestle. Right now, he needs to worry about being a kid and having fun and continuing to ride that high of winning those tag titles a couple of years ago with me in New Orleans and enjoying life. But you never know man, at WWE we like to keep you on your toes, and you never know what's going to happen."

You can see Strowman turned into the horrific monster FrankenStrowman in the first WWE Originals DLC pack titled "Bump in the Night" this October in WWE 2K20, which will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. This year's game should have an incredibly large roster, and here is who is confirmed so far.

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