WWE 2K19 Introduces New "Towers" Challenges

Fight your way through the best wrestlers the WWE has to offer.

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WWE 2K19 will introduce a new Towers mode, in which you'll be pitted against a string of opponents in a row. The mode will boast rosters filled with superstars, along with varying win conditions and limitations to challenge you to think outside the box (or ring).

The official site details the new mode. Towers will come in two varieties: Gauntlet, which must be finished in one session without a loss, and Steps, which let you play at your own pace. Opponents will range from current wrestlers to WWE Legends. The goal for a Tower will vary between conditions like beating a score or simply making it to the end, with buffs to you or your opponent peppered in for variety. The match types can range from Steel Cage and Submission to Iron Man.

"2K Towers" will feature special themes or homages to a match type. 2K Towers will also host exclusive "Legends Lore" to highlight memorable history and moments from some of the WWE Legends featured in the game. A separate MyPlayer Tower will use your own created character to find regularly updated Towers that count toward your PPV event and Road to Glory qualifications.

Finally, cover athlete AJ Styles is getting his own "Million Dollar Tower." It will feature ultra-tough opponents set at high difficulties, and your health won't regenerate between matches. 2K is using it as a launching point for a contest called the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge. If you can manage to beat the AJ Styles Tower on PS4 or Xbox One, record a promo video of yourself and include visual proof that you finished the Tower by showing off the proper Achievement or Trophy. Then submit your promo video through the Million Dollar Challenge site for a chance to win a trip to Wrestlemania 35. There, you'll compete with the other finalists, followed by AJ Styles himself, for a chance at one million dollars.

WWE 2K19 is notably skipping the Switch this year in favor of the other consoles and PC. It's releasing on October 9, complete with some special editions.

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