WWE 2K15 PC Version Announced, Comes With Free DLC

Console exclusive no longer, 2K's professional wrestling game due to launch later this spring for PC.


WWE 2K15

Following its release last year for consoles, professional wrestling game WWE 2K15 will come to PC later this spring, 2K Sports announced Tuesday. The publisher said in a press release that the PC edition of WWE 2K15 will offer the same experience as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions. The game was also released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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The PC version of WWE 2K15 comes with everything found in the console editions, as well as immediate access to to special versions of fighters Sting and Hulk Hogan. These were previously pre-order bonuses.

Perhaps the most exciting piece of news around the PC version of WWE 2K15 is that DLC released previously for the console versions will be free for the new computer edition. This includes content like the WCW and NXT Arrival packs, along with new Showcase modes like "Hall of Pain" and "Path of the Warrior." All told, PC players will receive 36 extra characters, four new managers, 26 matches, and 46 single-player stories for free.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that that's a pretty awesome deal," cover star John Cena said in a statement.

"I grew up playing games on my PC," Cena added. "Texas Instruments, Commodore 64… I was a huge PC gamer growing up, so this is big. Not only for our fans, but for me personally as well. Fans may not know this, but I was such a huge PC gamer that I bought a living room entertainment system just to play PC games back in the day. So don't be surprised if you flash forward 50 years and yours truly is sitting in his living room playing computer games!"

2K Sports did not announce an official release date for the PC edition of WWE 2K15, saying only that its arrival for computers is "only weeks away." System requirements have also not yet been announced.

The WWE 2K franchise is growing not only with a forthcoming PC version, but the first-ever WWE 2K simulation game was released earlier this month for mobile devices.

For more on WWE 2K15, check out GameSpot's review and some images in the gallery below.

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