WOW guild banned

'Overrated' reportedly booted by Blizzard after it was caught hacking; "we know we deserve it," said one guild member.


The World of Warcraft guild Overrated has been permanently banned by Blizzard Entertainment after it was caught cheating in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Guild members used an exploit that essentially knocked down walls, according to postings on World of Warcraft-related forums.

The guild had been playing the level of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, also known as AQ40. In it, the dungeon level map progresses in a circular manner from the first to last bosses. The mod effectively allowed the guild to bypass what it refers to as "C'thun trash," bosses who dropped less lucrative items. Guild members could then move on to the final boss, C'thun, who drops more valuable goodies.

Pantaloons, a member of the Overrated guild, commented on the WOW forums, "Let me explain. We are the only US Horde guild that clears Naxx [the most challenging area of the game], been like that for a few weeks. People found that the pre-C'thun trash was so painful, that they decided to install some stupid thing that deletes walls or something, and you can just run there after Skeram [the first boss]. I know, we had it coming, blah blah whatever, we know we deserve it...I'm sure they'll try and get it rescinded because it's kind of a steep punishment with no recourse or whatever."

Blizzard Entertainment did not respond to requests from GameSpot for a comment.

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