WoW 7.1.5 Patch Notes Revealed in Full

Class changes, the Brawler's Guild, new Timewalking dungeons, and more.

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World of Warcraft

A day before the big 7.1.5 update launches for World of Warcraft, Blizzard has released the full patch notes.

All of the major new features were already known: Mists of Pandaria Timewalking, the Brawler's Guild, and micro-holidays. These patch notes more fully detail the many class and profession-specific changes that been discussed in broader terms previously. They're too lengthy to list in full here, but the goal has been described as improving class balance and providing more viable talent choices.

There are also new Legendary items (and changes to existing ones), a way to use the quest tracker to find premade groups, and updates to Artifact Knowledge. It should now be easier to level up Knowledge on your alternate characters (if you're already level 110) or on your main if you're just reaching level 110 for the first time.

One change that's already attracted a lot of negative feedback involves Artifact traits. Those at or above 35 points have been enabled for use in PvP, which will provide certain players with a dramatic, potentially game-breaking advantage. It remains to be seen if this will prove to be true in action or if Blizzard has some other, unmentioned change that will compensate for this.

Patch 7.1.5 launches tomorrow, January 10. For more on what to expect, check out our previous coverage.

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