World of Warcraft: Rise Of Azshara Update Includes Two New Areas, Tons Of Customization

Azeroth gets all wet.


Blizzard recently revealed its release plans for World of Warcraft Classic and a nifty new 15th Anniversary Edition chock full of collectibles for fans of the long-running MMORPG. But the standard game is still going strong as well, and Blizzard has also detailed the next phase of World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeroth expansion, titled Rise of Azshara.

This second content update to Battle for Azeroth focuses primarily on the titular Azshara, a naga queen who swore allegiance to the Old Gods to save her people. As the new story begins, the ocean opens to reveal the naga capital Nazjatar where Azshara still rules her people. Inside, you'll meet up with two factions who are resisting her reign, the Unshackled and the Ankoan, and take part in a new 8-boss raid called Azshara's Eternal Palace--ultimately culminating with facing Azshara herself, naturally.

A second major area, the city of Mechagon, focuses on a different ruler entirely. King Mechagon went a bit mad with the power of machines and began replacing himself in pieces and insisting that his subjects do the same, making a new kind of augmented mecha-gnome. The Rustbolt Resistance resisted him, so when you find Mechagon you're thrust into the center of the conflict. You can take on the new Operation: Mechagon mega-dungeon to face the mad king himself. Finally, a new Heroic Warfront, Stormgarde, will be available for your warband.

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A detailed new Heart of Azeroth menu lets you customize your character with Essences, which offer a wide array of buffs and active abilities to unlock. Plus the wonders of mechanical wizardry in Mechagon open up new stat-boosting options, like a trinket with colored punchcard slots--similar to the classic gem sockets. Gnomes and Taurens can also go on special quests to get Heritage armor.

New Mount Equipment lets you customize any mount with abilities. Specifically, Blizzard noted that this means all mounts will be able to water-walk, but you can equip any mounted ability that you already have unlocked, like slowfall or daze protection. You can also complete the new Pathfinder achievements to allow your mount to fly through Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Mechagon, and Nazjatar.

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