World of Warcraft: Legion Comic Pits the Chieftains Against the Burning Legion

In the third issue of the comic, will the magic of the Hammer of Khaz’goroth corrupt those who use it?


World of Warcraft

The new World of Warcraft: Legion expansion is coming out on August 30. As we wait for the release, Blizzard has been releasing a comic tied to the game. You can find out more information on the WoW here and also read the comic through Dark Horse Comics' website and app.

The third issue is available on July 14. It's written by Robert Brooks with art by David Kegg. The Burning Legion is advancing across the land and the Tauren Chieftains gather for a summit. The decision has to be made whether or not to use the mystic Hammer of Khaz’goroth since its magic could corrupt all who touch it.

We have some exclusive pages for the comic below.

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You can find out more about the game here.

You can check out the cinematic trailer below if you haven't watched it already.

Blizzard Entertainment also released a trailer for Harbingers, a new World of Warcraft: Legion animated series about the followers of Illidan Stormrage.

The first full episode of Harbingers will debut at the "Warcraft: Road to Legion" panel at SDCC, where attendees will learn more about Legion from Blizzard’s James Waugh, Dave Kosak, Matt Samia, and Chris Robinson.

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