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Working Star Wars Lightsaber Revealed In Disney Video

The highly realistic Jedi weapon will be part of the Disney World Galactic Starcruiser attraction.


The first footage of Disney's working lightsaber is here. The highly realistic Jedi weapon has been revealed as part of Star Wars Day celebrations.

The lightsaber was teased last month, during a Disney Parks press event. The footage arrives via a tweet from Disney Parks, promoting the "all-immersive vacation experience" Galactic Starcruiser, which opens at Walt Disney World in Florida next year.

The lightsaber itself is being held by an actor dressed at Rey, and it looks amazingly realistic, from the retractable glowing blade to the very familiar sound. Check it out below:

Disney hasn't yet confirmed if the lightsaber will be available to buy, or if it will just be part of the Galactic Starcruiser attraction. According to the Starcruiser website, one of the experiences that guests can enjoy while staying there is learning the "traditional art of wielding a lightsaber."

Galactic Starcruiser was first announced in 2020, and the website has been recently updated to show what fans can enjoy when the resort opens. Upon their arrival they will "jump to hyperspace and rendezvous with the Halcyon starcruiser," before entering the Atrium, which is "the heart of the Halcyon starcruiser, a welcoming place where crew and passengers gather." Additional experiences include operating the ship's navigation, relaxing in the Sublight Lounge, and enjoying dinner in the Crown of Corellia Dining Room.

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