Wolfenstein: The New Order Dev Has a "Very Clear Idea" For a Sequel

Creative director Jens Matthies says, "We would love to do a sequel."

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Swedish developer MachineGames has a "very clear idea" for how it would approach a sequel to last month's Wolfenstein: The New Order. Speaking with GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb, creative director Jens Matthies said, "We would love to do a sequel. We have a very, very clear idea of what we accomplished with this, and what we want to accomplish with a sequel."

Unfortunately for Wolfenstein fans, Matthies didn't say more about his vision for a sequel. "That would be wonderful," Matthies said about the prospect of making a sequel.

This is not the first time Matthies has spoken about a potential sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. During a Reddit AMA last month, Matthies said, "We have lots of ideas for a sequel and we'd love to do one." According to Matthies, whether or not Machine Games gets to make a sequel depends on the financial success of the first game.

Wolfenstein: The New Order launched on May 20 and was the fourth best-selling game of the month in the United States, behind MLB 14: The Show, Mario Kart 8, and Watch Dogs. Publisher Bethesda has not announced an official sales tally for the game.

Giant Bomb's wide-ranging interview with Matthies touches on a number of subjects, including making Wolfenstein relevant in 2014, controversy (or lack thereof) around the game's depiction of prison camps, and more. You can read the full interview at Giant Bomb right now.

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