Wolf Of Wall Street's Jordan Belfort To Narrate GameStop Stock Price Documentary

The Wolf himself has been tapped to narrate Discovery's new movie, GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack.


Discovery+ has announced a new documentary about GameStop's stock price controversy, and the streamer has brought in none other than Jordan Belfort--the inspiration for The Wolf of Wall Street--to host the feature-length movie.

The movie is called, tentatively at least, "GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack." It's scheduled to premiere in the UK on April 8 before it releases internationally later, according to Deadline.

This was a very quick turnaround, but time is of the essence production companies race to be first. There are numerous GameStop TV series and movies in the works, but it appears this will be the first to release. One of the other high-profile productions is a movie from Ben Mezrich, who wrote the book that got turned into the Oscar-winning Facebook movie The Social Network.

Belfort narrates the movie, which looks into "how a group of young, risk-embracing day traders used social media to organize a massive stock buy-up for video game retailer GameStop."

Belfort said in a statement: "I've found some very creative ways to make money on Wall Street, but I've got to say, personally, I love the fact that everyone now has the ability to organize and give the Wall Street players a run for their money; it's a real David versus Goliath story."

Belfort is the Wolf in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. In real life, Belfort went to federal prison for two years for securities fraud and money laundering, and he paid more than $100 million back in restitution. He's out of prison now, playing beer pong on Mondays.

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