With Destiny 2 PC's Release Tomorrow, Battle.net Update Brings New Social Features

Blizzard Battle.net gets an upgrade.


Destiny 2 for PC runs on Battle.net, marking the first time the platform will host a game that wasn't developed by Blizzard. With Bungie's shooter launching tomorrow, October 24, Blizzard Battle.net has been updated to introduce a variety of new social features, including some basic functionality that somehow had not been in place previously.

An update that is now available adds a new Social tab to the Battle.net desktop app. From there, you can create groups that will allow you to chat with several people at once or coordinate play times (which should be especially handy once Destiny 2's Raid launches next week). The Social area also houses all of your conversations with other Battle.net users. All of this should also work "seamlessly" with the Battle.net mobile app, which recently launched on iOS and Android.

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Additionally, users can now choose an avatar, set up a profile, and set themselves to appear offline--allowing you to continue playing without anyone knowing. The latter feature was recently introduced in Overwatch, although Blizzard has warned players that using it doesn't present you from ending up in the same match with a friend you're hiding from.

New gifting features are also in place. By going to the Shop tab, you can purchase and send certain things to friends. This includes entire games and at least certain microtransactions, such as Hearthstone card packs.

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