Witcher 3 1.2 Update Out Now, See What's New and Changed Here

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Ahead of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Blood and Wine expansion release, CD Projekt Red has pushed out a big new update for all versions of the RPG.

The update adds new features, including an enemy upscaling option and a system to help make it easier to collect Gwent cards, while it also fixes a series of bugs and more. In terms of visual improvements, The Witcher 3's 1.20 update fixes an issue where Geralt doesn't put his clothes back on after sex scenes. It also fixes a PS4-specific problem where the texture of water puddles wouldn't fade as they should.

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You can see the full Witcher 3 1.20 patch notes here [PDF]. Coming out tomorrow is the Blood and Wine expansion, which weighs in at 10-15 GB depending on your platform.

Blood and Wine, a substantial expansion that offers over 90 new quests and around 30 hours of gameplay, is the final add-on for The Witcher 3. You may not have to wait much longer to hear about what's coming next from CD Projekt Red, however, as the developer recently teased that it may show a new game at E3 next month.

GameSpot's Blood and Wine review scored it an 8/10.

"Perhaps we will join him in yet another adventure, but if Blood and Wine is the White Wolf's final interactive appearance, he at least departs in style," reviewer Kevin VanOrd said. "I'll miss you, Geralt--your impossibly perfect hair, your mercenary disposition, your stoic approach to horrific crimes and unspeakable tragedies. If you and Roach must ride into the sunset, then I'm glad the time we spent together was so enthralling."

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