Wilco's 767 Pilot in Command Details

The Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on will focus on flight emergencies.


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Wilco Publishing has released new information about its upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on, 767 Pilot in Command. The add-on will feature failure training in a variety of flight emergencies, including tire blowouts, engine fires, locked gears, cabin depressurization, and more.

The training mode features step-by-step flight instruction for the commercial airliner. After going through the training sessions, players test their skills in a series of failure scenarios. In addition, the add-on includes a group of 30- to 45-minute adventures that might include any malfunction in the pilot's repertoire. For pilots looking for a less stressful flying experience, the add-on can be flown without the failure scenarios as a realistic simulation of the 767 airliner. The simulation features a lifelike 3D cockpit, highly detailed exteriors, voice announcements from the tower, and a complete flight training manual.

767 Pilot in Command is scheduled for a pre-Christmas release, and it will require Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.

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