Wii Sports Resort sells 6.97 million, Wii Sports tops 50 million

Nintendo's latest minigame compilation debuts to nearly septuple-platinum sales.


Yesterday, Nintendo reported that revenues declined 34.5 percent to ¥548.1 billion ($6.0 billion) during the April-September period of its current fiscal year. And while part of that decline could be attributed to a weakness in the hardware market, Nintendo also saw a dip in its global software sales for the Wii and DS. The publisher's console game sales fell from 81.4 million to 76.2 million during the six-month window, and handheld titles slipped from 85 million to 71.1 million units.

OK boy! Now, bring it back!
OK boy! Now, bring it back!

Still, Nintendo did see a few wins during the period. In a supplementary to its earnings report released today, Nintendo said that six Wii games and six DS games sold more than a million units during the six-month period. Notably, Nintendo said that one of its tent-pole releases for the year, Wii Sports Resort, has sold 6.97 million units since its June domestic debut and July overseas launch.

Wii Sports Resort's predecessor also continued its strong run. Sold as a stand-alone game in Japan but packed in with Nintendo's console in North America, Wii Sports shifted 4.83 million units during the April-September window, bringing its lifetime total to 50.5 million units. Nintendo's other top releases for the period by units sold were Wii Fit with 4.28 million (22.5 million LTD), Mario Kart Wii with 2.96 million (18.4 million LTD), Wii Fit Plus with 2.13 million (which launched in October), and Wii Play with 1.45 million (24.4 million LTD).

Pokemon led the way on Nintendo's DS sales chart. Pokemon Platinum sold 2.63 million units globally during the period, bringing its lifetime total to 6.39 million units, while Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver debuted to 2.27 million units. New Super Mario Bros. shifted 1.49 million units during the period, bumping its grand total to 19.9 million units, and Mario Kart DS sold an additional 1.48 million units, bringing its lifetime sales to 16.1 million. Available only in Japan, Tomodachi Collection launched to 1.45 million units, and Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box premiered with 1.26 million units.

Nintendo Wii
Wii Sports Resort - 6.97 million (6.97 million LTD)
Wii Sports - 4.83 million (50.5 million LTD)
Wii Fit - 4.28 million (22.5 million LTD)
Mario Kart Wii - 2.96 million (18.4 million LTD)
Wii Fit Plus - 2.13 million (2.13 million LTD)
Wii Play - 1.45 million (24.4 million LTD)

Nintendo DS
Pokemon Platinum - 2.63 million (6.39 million LTD)
Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - 2.27 million (2.27 million LTD)
New Super Mario Bros. - 1.49 million (19.9 million LTD)
Mario Kart DS - 1.48 million (16.1 million LTD)
Tomodachi Collection - 1.45 million (1.45 million LTD)
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box* - 1.26 million (1.26 million LTD)

*Nintendo notes that this figure does not include Japanese sales, given that it published the game only outside of Japan.

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