WhiteDay confirmed for UK

Sonnori's first-person survival horror game for the PC will be released in the UK through 4am Entertainment in 2004.


4am Entertainment has today announced that it will publish WhiteDay for the PC in the UK in February next year. The first-person survival horror game, which was developed by Korea-based Sonnori, will see players assuming the role of a teenage boy who sneaks into his school late at night to plant a box of chocolates for his love interest (WhiteDay is the Korean equivalent of Valentine's Day) and discovers that the building is haunted.

As players enter the school at the start of the game, they'll encounter a couple of other characters exchanging ghost stories in one of the many haunted corridors. It's while attempting to disable the school alarm, however, that things really take a turn for the worse as players witness the school janitor clubbing a man to death with a baseball bat--accompanied by the sound of spooky childlike laughter.

Players won't have access to any weapons in WhiteDay and will be required to complete puzzles to progress through the game. Disabling alarms, opening safes, and rescuing trapped school kids from apparitions are just a few of the objectives that players will be confronted with. Action sequences in the game will be interspersed with cutscenes that require the player to make decisions about which of two directions the game's storyline will take.

"WhiteDay is a breath of fresh air for the horror survival genre--particularly when zombie bashing starts to get a little tiresome," said Neil Cotton, 4am's communications director. "It is genuinely scary, and I'm embarrassed to admit it; when I saw the hanging sequence in the game a cold chill ran down my spine, and when I unexpectedly saw the dead schoolgirl for the first time, I literally jumped out of my skin!"

In addition to the single-player adventure, WhiteDay will feature multiplayer modes of play in which players can choose to assume the roles of school children, ghosts, demons, or even a janitor. WhiteDay is currently scheduled for release in the UK on February 13, just in time for Valentine's Day. We'll bring you more information on the game, which has been available in Korea since 2001, as soon as it becomes available.

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