Whirl Tour ships

Crave's story-based scooter sports game is now available.


Whirl Tour

Vivendi Universal has announced that Crave's scooter game, Whirl Tour, is now shipping to stores. In the game, players take the role of Wasa B., a roadie for the band Flipside, which has been kidnapped. Wasa B. has to rescue his friends by completing tricks and puzzles in eight colorful levels. In a new twist on the extreme sports genre, Whirl Tour also has boss battles at critical junctures in the story.

"Whirl Tour capitalizes on the unique technology offered on both the Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2, and we are pleased to bring this fast-paced, trick-oriented action experience to consumers," explained Anthony Crouts, director of marketing at Vivendi Universal Games.

Whirl Tour is available for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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