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Where To Preorder Monster Hunter Rise: Preorder Bonuses, Deluxe Edition, And More

Monster Hunter Rise releases on Nintendo Switch this Friday, and there's still time to preorder.


Monster Hunter Rise, the latest entry in Capcom's juggernaut action-RPG series, releases this Friday, March 26, on Nintendo Switch. The latest entry in the series since 2018's Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise was designed specifically for Nintendo's hybrid console. There's still time to preorder Monster Hunter Rise ahead of its release this Friday, and multiple editions are available, including preorder bonuses. To celebrate the release of Rise, there's also a new Monster Hunter Switch console and Pro Controller and even a few new Monster Hunter Amiibo.

If you already know the latest Monster Hunter adventure is a day one purchase for you, check out where to preorder Monster Hunter Rise below, including its pricing and editions. Some products are already starting to sell out, but you can double-check availability here.

Monster Hunter Rise preorder bonuses

Monster Hunter Rise preorder bonuses
Monster Hunter Rise preorder bonuses

If you preorder any edition of Monster Hunter Rise, you'll receive three bonuses:

  • Palamute Retriever Costume layered armor (changes appearance)
  • Palico Forest Cat Costume layered armor (changes appearance)
  • Novice Talisman: Helps your stats early on in the game

You can also get an exclusive steelbook case by preordering Monster Hunter Rise at Best Buy.

Monster Hunter Rise, as the name suggests, has more verticality than previous Monster Hunter games. Players will have access to an item called the Wirebug that allows them to grapple through the air and scale walls. The Wirebug can also be used in combat to create fast-paced combos. Based on the gameplay trailer, it appears that Rise will have a large variety of combat moves that will lead to dynamic showdowns against the big monsters.

Speaking of monsters, Capcom revealed four of the new monsters joining the lineup in Rise. The main foe is Magnamalo, a Fanged Wyvern that apparently caused the first calamity in 50 years. We also got a look at Aknosom (Bird Wyvern), Tetranadon (amphibian), and Great Izuchi (Bird Wyvern). Like Monster Hunter World, big monsters will get into fights with each other during your hunts, and Capcom said it's working on some new features for these showdowns that will be revealed at a later date.

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This time around, your base camp is called Kamura Village. At base, you'll stock up on items, upgrade gear, converse with locals to advance the story, and accept quests. After posting a quest, you'll be transported to open-world locales that are entirely seamless, just like Monster Hunter World. This is a critical change on Switch, as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate's locales featured load times between zones.

Palicos return as adorable little support partners on quests, but the felines will also be joined by canines called Palamutes. Hunters can hop on the backs of Palamutes to move around the map quicker. When playing solo, you can bring two support buddies with you. In multiplayer, each hunter gets to bring one support partner (a Palico or Palamute). You'll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play with up to three friends online.

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